Government CRM
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Horizon and iClarity - Delivering Real Value and Innovative Solutions

At HSS we work with clients - both in the public and private sectors - utilising our iClarity Framework to develop a wide range of CRM, Case Management and ERP solutions. In the public sector, we are delighted to announce that our end-to-end solutions and support are now available through:

  the Government Procurement Service’s (GPS) G Cloud 4, 5 and 6 Framework

  the GPS and Government Digital Service (GDS) Digital Service Framework

In G Cloud 4, 5 and 6 our services include HSS iClarity Solutions for CRM, ERP and Case Management (Software as a Service) and Data Management and iClarity Support (Specialist Cloud Service). This range gives clients real choice and confidence that they will get the right service and support at the right time, in addition to securing real and lasting benefits for their organisation. The Digital Services Framework enables clients to buy, design, build and deliver digital services using an agile approach, procuring the appropriately skilled people to deliver software development under this methodology. This is precisely how we prefer to operate and so we carefully select, train and offer talented developer and technical architect resources.

With our innovative products and methodology we design and implement solutions quickly to meet business requirements, secure efficiencies and benefits, improve customer contact and support the transformation of services.

Our “rules-based” approach is extremely flexible, meaning that precise requirements can be easily captured and delivered. Our Quick Start methodology adopts the agile development approach. Coupled with intelligent architecture, process automation and workflow management, it delivers simple, effective and user-friendly solutions quickly.

We provide consultancy and support which enable organisations to exploit technology to realise business benefits, engage effectively with customers and partners, as well as make the optimum use of data for the planning and delivery of services.

In 2015, HSS has been selected as a preferred supplier of Master Data Management solutions for the Ministry of Northern Ireland. HSS has successfully provided its expertise to cleanse, standardise and de-duplicate data, alongside the implementation of a ‘data dashboard’.

If you have any questions about iClarity and our Government services please contact:

Pat Coulter, Associate Director,       Email:

Vesselin Vassilev, CEO,         Email: