About Us


Horizon Software Solutions enables B2B2C trading organisations to drive profitability and growth through more effective multi-channel, multi-territory marketing.

Its iClarity B2B2C Marketing Automation Platform is unique in providing a single, unified solution that integrates CRM, loyalty and campaign management tools. It streamlines collaboration and content delivery throughout the supply chain to power smart, integrated campaigns that overcome geographical and logistical barriers.

Optimised for banks, telecommunications companies, retailers, digital marketing organisations, and government, iClarity offers:

  iClarity Social CRM: Incorporates social channels within the traditional CRM environment, adding innovative social media features to enable a 360 degree customer view in real time

  iClarity Loyalty Portal: Improves customer management and reduces churn by ensuring that highly effective loyalty programs can be managed using the latest CRM, campaign and loyalty management technologies - without the need for input from IT staff

  iClarity eCommerce Suite: Offers control and flexibility to everyone in the supply chain. Brands and wholesalers can control chain partner access to information and assets, while still maintaining a huge catalogue of products in the iClarity Cloud Platform, while retailers can easily acquire, display and sell products, while receiving online payments

  iClarity Campaign Management: Unifies the efforts of brands and their distribution partners within a user-friendly and flexible online marketing portal, to ensure that all campaign channels and responses can be integrated, controlled and understood via one platform.

  iClarity Data Marketplace - Companies can sell/exchange global prospect data and contacts, through the Platform, which can be instantly imported into their iClarity accounts. B2B firms can use such global company data and contacts for their marketing campaigns by filtering the leads by region or industry. Users can either pay per lead or per click. The prospect data is secured and can be sold per campaign as a service, without disclosing the contact details to the users.

  iClarity Mobile (AppMa) – Standard plug-in for easy integration to existing apps. Mobile app owners and developers can track events, transactions, usage and location with a dedicated page for each client to gain true understanding about their users. They can create customer profiles, to segment and send out campaigns to target only those they want to. As well as to develop an immersive loyalty experience and reward users for specific actions and events as designed by them.

Businesses and governments worldwide trust Horizon Software Solutions to deliver marketing software solutions, Master Data Management, CRM and business critical technology on time and on budget. Its solutions are proven to drive advantage by bringing revolutionary flexibility and cost efficiency to superior customer service delivery, through integrated, relevant and secure digital channels.

Compared with traditional on premise solutions, iClarity cuts marketing automation platform budgets by 60-80%.