iLoveDobrich e официалната интерактивна платформа на Добрич и останалите общини от областта, разработана от HSS която ще стартира на празника на града -25 септември.

13 Септември 2016

Мобилното приложение iLoveVarna разработено от Horizon Software Solutions предлага на гражданите и посетителите на града неповторимо клиентско преживяване посредством атрактивни оферти и разнообразни програми за лоялност.

15 Август 2016

Horizon Software Solutions е избранa от Китайското Правителство да осигури електронната платформа за online търговия между държавите от Централна и Източна Европа и Китай.


Horizon е и официалния Български оператор на „Логистичен Хъб Бургас и Павилион 16+1“ за търговията с Китай.

UK Government G Cloud 8 Framework

August 2016

"We are delighted to confirm that our Cloud Platform iClarity and Services have been approved for G-Cloud 8 and are now available on the Digital Marketplace. A list of the services can be found here."

"HSS CEO Vesselin Vassilev presented iClarity B2B2C Marketing Automation Platform to a Conference of 500 Chinese retailers in Hangzhou, China"

January 2016

"The Australian innovative mobile app company Vylar Pty. Ltd. implemented HSS’s iClarity Marketing Automation Platform to support the services and marketing of their half a million customer base"

January 2016

"The new website b2b2c.eu went Live"

December 2015

"HSS successfully delivered on time and within budget a complex banking treasury solution for the French bank Societe Generale"

December 2015

"UK Government G Cloud 7 Framework bid success"

November 2015

"HSS is delighted to announce that its CRM Platform and Data Management solutions are now available through the Government Procurement Service’s (GPS) G Cloud 7 Framework"

"HSS CEO Vesselin Vassilev launched the new iClarity B2B2C Marketing Automation Platform at the Chinese Banking Association Conference in Ganzhou, China"

November 2015

"HSS delivered its first eCommerce solution in Australia, based on iClarity Platform"

November 2015

"HSS and the leading Chinese marketing services provider Mingtao set up a Joint Venture in Hangzhou, China"

November 2015

"HSS and the leading Chinese online Platform "Danlu.com" signed a strategic CRM partnership in Chengdu, China"

November 2015

"HSS opened its operations and office in Beijing, China"

October 2015

"The Ministry of Agriculture in Northern Ireland selected HSS as the preferred supplier of Master Data Management services and solutions"

September 2015

UK Government G Cloud 6 Framework

January 2015

"HSS is delighted to announce that its end-to-end solutions and support are now available through the Government Procurement Service’s (GPS) G Cloud 6 Framework"

"HSS opened its operations in Sydney, Australia"

December 2014

"HSS (with its iClarity Marketing Automation Platform) was selected as a preferred supplier by Kindyroo Europe"

May 2014

"adidas China shortlisted HSS in partnership with Quant Marketing for the delivery of its CRM and Loyalty solution"

March 2014

"HSS launched its business in Istanbul, Turkey"

January 2014

"Revo Technologies Ltd and HSS signed an agreement for CRM consultancy and technological support"

September 2013

UK Government Frameworks tenders success

November 2013

"In the public sector, HSS is delighted to announce that its end-to-end solutions and support are now available through:

  • the Government Procurement Service’s (GPS) G Cloud 4 Framework
  • the GPS and Government Digital Service (GDS) Digital Service Framework"

"Pat Coulter became an Associate Director of HSS"

September 2013

"A former CEO of the UK CRM company Hatton Blue became an Associate Director of HSS"

September 2013

"Job Board aggregator Red Unida Ltd selected HSS as a principal development partner"

June 2013

"HSS and McKenzie Russia, discussed a Strategic Partnership in Moscow"

May 2013

"HSS delivered a complex marketing project on time and on budget for Serco Asia Pacific in Australia"

August 2012

"The Bulgarian HSS subsidiary moved into new office premises in Varma, Bulgaria"

January 2012

"A leading international market research company selected iClarity CRM Platform for its EMEA Pannel Management business"

June 2011

"The international CRM guru and former McKenzie senior partner Sir Richard Heygate appointed as a CRM Director of HSS"

January 2011

"British Portillion Bank selected HSS to deliver its Single Customer View database through data aggregation from several source systems"

May 2011

"British Gas, UK and HSS signed a technology consultancy agreement"

March 2009

"The UK online medical insurance provider HealthFund selected the iClarity CRM Platform as a strategic product for its UK business"

September 2008

"HSS moved into new office premises in Bracknell, UK"

January 2008

HSS delivered successfully a multi-million project for GMAC-RFC (A General Motors company), UK

September 2006

"HSS implemented the world’s first web-based, instant ‘Point of Sale Mortgage Offer’. This multi-award-winning solution introduced automated valuations and electronic ID certification, revolutionising the UK mortgage market"