HealthFund – working with Horizon Software Solutions

Paul Ratcliff, Executive Chairman, HealthFund

As a group of experienced entrepreneurs used to launching new businesses we faced some significant challenges setting up our latest venture. We had developed a unique approach to funding healthcare for the UK public that caught the imagination of many industry insiders. But we needed to get it to market… and fast.
In the economic downturn, raising capital took longer than we had hoped but we couldn’t let this prevent us from being first in the market. Funding was completed in July 2008 and we had set ourselves a launch target of late October 2008.

We knew the choice of information technology partner was of strategic importance. Given the exacting timescales, it was tempting to buy a general purpose system off the shelf and support it with manual processes. We, however, recognised the necessity for an industrial strength technology infrastructure up front. We needed a platform that we could rely on to launch an internet business with the right cost dynamics. And one that also had the flexibility to evolve quickly to take advantage of changing consumer behaviour over the web and meet the demands of our channel partners. So, we regarded the system choice from the outset as a source of competitive advantage.

We were lucky enough to have a personal contact with the people who ran HSS: we had heard of their success with GMAC. We were familiar with the framework approach but were knocked out by the state of the art technology they had assembled in iClarity ( their .Net based product). In contrast to previous generations of CRM systems we had worked with – this software solution was built to scale up, and integrate, without creating processing bottlenecks. We were also attracted to the agile processing methodology the HSS team proposed.

Five months later, our experience is still overwhelmingly positive. The iClarity framework has delivered exactly what it promised but, what has really impressed us is the team behind it. The talent of the HSS team has delighted us – their commitment and work ethic is beyond anything we have experienced before. When they promise a system delivery date they stick by it – come hell or high water. This created a huge amount of confidence in the business relationship - the pressure is on us as clients to maintain the same pace and level of professionalism.

We are delighted to have HSS as effectively our in house systems division. We would rather they remained our best kept secret – but they deserve better so we are delighted to act as a case study – just please don’t tell everyone!

Revolutionary mortgage software at GMAC RFC

Barry Searle, Managing Director, GMAC RFC
(Horizon Software Solutions traded as Mouse Smart Software in the past)

Legacy Systems Migration at LeasePlan Ltd

Phil Parker, Director of Information Technolgy, LeasePlan UK
(Horizon Software Solutions traded as Mouse Smart Software in the past)

Red Unida Ltd – selected HSS as a principal development partner

Jon Squires, CEO, Red Unida Ltd

"HSS was selected as our principal development partner to take over a difficult legacy project. Having worked with several other providers over the recent years, HSS proved to be a breath of fresh air. Specifically, the leadership offers a straight-talking and reliable route of communication. The team reflects this professionalism and everyone involved was responsive and approachable. This clarity of explanation, reliability and trustworthiness were as important to our non-technical management as their development talent was.

The handover of the project was a great example of how HSS performs: deliberate and meticulous IP and code management, seamless development environments with excellent QA and test methodology, documentation clarification and record management, and finally the bug tracking and version archiving /deployment. The project was delivered on budget (which was competitive in the first instance) and exactly on required spec."

"Red Unida wants to make planning your career as straightforward as planning your holiday. Targeted at the executive employment sector, the company operates through a global website that offers opportunities, drawn from partnerships with the leading job boards worldwide. Red Unida’s platform creates structured Big Data resources as vacancy listings are parsed and interpreted by an intelligent decision engine, allowing senior candidates to access hundreds of thousands of management and executive roles and guidance on which would have the greater impact for them and their long term career goals."

Portillion Bank – considers HSS to be a trusted and reliable business partner

Barry Searle, COO, Portillion Ltd

“HSS provided technical and project management resource to help overcome key pinch points in our busy launch program. The HSS individuals who joined our team (sometimes at short notice) demonstrated strong technical skills, good teamwork and a flexible “can do” attitude that really helped deliver results. We consider HSS to be a trusted and reliable business partner and would definitely consider re-engaging with them again should the need arise in the future.”

Portillion is a new caring and thinking bank providing mortgages and savings, which will be launching in the UK to provide low risk, high service banking products to families.

Serco Asia Pacific – HSS delivers a complex project on time and on budget

Dimity Smith, Chief Service Officer, Serco Asia Pacific

“A consultant from Horizon Software Solutions, was a project leader for Serco Asia Pacific on a global HR program aimed at improving staff engagement and enterprise resource planning. She managed a complex integrated campaign whilst working across the numerous contracts within my division and delivering the project on time and on budget…”

KindyROO Europe

Maia Vass, KindyROO Master franchisee

“We are using the iClarity franchise management module since we bought the master franchise of KindyROO for several European countries. Having the confidence that we can rely on a flexible CRM system was one of the reasons to move into franchising business. We are currently using the module in the UK, Luxembourg and Bulgaria and will launch in Switzerland and Cyprus soon. The module enables us to launch not only in multiple locations but in different countries. We manage the business and the relations with our customers and our franchisees seamlessly and in a user friendly way. The module can be used by non technical staff but in the rare occasions when we had questions or needed support HSS team were always professional, efficient and quick to respond.”

"KindyROO is a pioneering sensory motor programme designed to develop your child’s competence, confidence and self-esteem."

AudioPocket Mobile app

Daniel,co-owner of AudioPocket

I am Daniel and the co-owner of AudioPocket. We have started using the iClarity SDK with the Loyalty Module as emphasis to our Mobile App. Since implementing iClarity we have been able to effectively monetise our users with sign ups increasing by 27,000 over 2 months. Then by gathering specific information about each customer and opening up communication channels to the individual we were able to further understand and improve our user experience increasing our average user session by 47%. Furthermore with the added benefits in retention from our loyalty program we were able to also increase Monthly Active Users by 32%.

Total Installs: 500K - 1M Rating 3.8

"AudioPocket is a simple and easy to use free application that turns any one of your favourite videos into audio that is streamed directly on your device in the background."