eCommerce Suite

The iClarity eCommerce Suite offers control and flexibility to everyone in the supply chain. Secure User Access Levels enable brands and wholesalers to control chain partner access to information and assets, while still maintaining a huge catalogue of products in the iClarity Cloud Platform. For retailers, the iClarity White Labelling Online Shop makes it easy to acquire and display products from suppliers and sell them instantly to end customers while receiving online payments.

Key Features

  Manage online stores, inventory, fulfillment, and billing from one system.

  A single web-based white labeling platform for suppliers, retailers and consumers.

  Analytics and reporting to track orders, sales totals, accounts receivables, payment reports, revenue by product and more – for all supply chain partners.

  On premise, on demand, and as a managed service (SaaS) from the cloud deployment options.

  Rapid product management and addition of new retailers to the platform.

  Flexible payment options for business transactions.

  Support for XML, web services or CSV file enables seamless integration between all partners and back end systems.

  Enables drop shipping for brands and wholesalers.

Key Benefits

  A cost effective, unified cloud solution for brands, wholesalers, retailers and consumers.

  iClarity deployment, hosting, maintenance and customisation requires no IT resources.

  Optimised supply-chain logistics mean reduced shipping costs.

  Retailers can select products from multiple brands and wholesalers in real-time, and instantly display them in their eShops.

  Analytics enables targeted cross-selling, with a focus on the most profitable customers and enhanced customer experience at point of service.

  iClarity eCommerce underpins effective inventory management including absolute stock level accuracy across the whole supply-chain in real time.