Franchise Management

iClarity Franchise Management is a single, unified B2B2C platform designed specifically for the franchise business and their consumers. It helps franchisors and master franchisees effectively control, manage, communicate, train, inform and support their franchisees, ensuring compliance with corporate branding, policies and procedures.

It also allows all members of the Franchise network to communicate and sell products and services to their Consumers.

The platform incorporates a Consumer portal where clients register, book services and pay for the products through their local Franchisees. All data and transactions are aggregated vertically up to the top Franchise level. iClarity Franchise Management is a cost effective unified platform that serves the whole network and their customers with a secure role based user access.

Key Features

  Franchisor, Franchisee and Consumer web-based portals;

  Consumer registration, events calendar and booking facility;

  Secure storage of franchise marketing materials;

  360 degree consumer view: A unified B2B2C solution for servicing leads, customers, marketing and sales;

  e-Commerce component for off-line and on-line payments of product, services and vouchers;

  Complete content management tool (for products, services, texts, images and videos) with built-in search engine optimization;

  Instant registration and website deployment of new franchises (white label);

  Top level management, financial and accounting reporting of the franchise network;

  Community forums to facilitate franchise communications;

  Google Analytics integration for tracking the ROI, effectiveness of campaigns and referral channels that generate the website traffic;

  Multi-language user interface;

  News, gallery and FB integration modules come as standard feature.

Key Benefits

  Leading edge cost saving Cloud technology: iClarity provides a single platform for franchises to manage all aspects of their daily operations. It provides back office management components for all franchise members.

  Reducing franchise operating expenses.

  Top level reporting on the franchise network: With the Business Intelligence functionality franchised businesses can see all of the activities within their franchise network. From top (or bottom) performing franchisees to reports in real-time on revenue, sales, cash positions or even reports on compliance or quality.

  iClarity protects the business: Over time most franchised businesses will see franchisees come and go, but franchisees must not leave with all the data. With iClarity the entire franchise business is stored in one place, and the data is owned by you. In this way whether you need to terminate a franchise or transfer its rights to somebody else - the data is protected and business continuity secured.

  Franchisee attrition prevention: With iClarity franchisees will have their entire business within their platform.

  iClarity incorporates a Consumer portal where clients register, book services and pay