iClarity™ B2B2C

One solution to power marketing coordination across every channel and every location.

For B2B2C companies selling products or services through complex supply chains, coordination across distributed, multi-channel marketing environments is vital to success.

In order to work effectively with a wide range of intermediaries, these businesses require closely tailored marketing automation solutions – platforms that streamline marketing program management and content distribution while offering total control over brand-level compliance.

iClarity B2B2C Marketing Automation Platform

The iClarity B2B2C Marketing Automation Platform is designed from the ground up to respond to these demands. It provides a single corporate controlled source of marketing and transactional content, which is selectively accessible to the entire supply chain.

Marketing centres can create and execute efficient B2B2C marketing plans and campaigns without losing overall control of the brand.

iClarity also streamlines marketing workflows, freeing marketers from routine tasks associated with multi-territory marketing co-ordination. It takes on everything from programed customer communication responses and drip marketing, to social media monitoring - empowering marketing teams to focus on strategic activities.

iClarity makes it easy to measure and maximise ROI. All campaign data, from corporate to local and channel partner, is available via a single, unified platform, making it easy to track critical campaign metrics. iClarity aggregates Social Media information which is then aggregated and analysed by its Big Data analytics components.

Target platform users and deployment options

The iClarity B2B2C Marketing Automation Platform is a flexible, powerful solution. It transforms planning, operations and co-ordination for diverse marketing teams and supply chains across a range of industries - including retail, travel, media and entertainment, financial services, and government.

iClarity provides flexible deployment too. Digital marketing consultancies, for example, can utilise its features and offer their corporate clients a Marketing as a Service (MaaS). It will give them the ability to generate leads, manage customers, create and execute campaigns and set up loyalty management programs. iClarity makes it easy to work in a multi-client environment. Powerful white-labelling options and single sign-on capabilities streamline access to multiple accounts.

Social Media & Big Data

  Comprehensive Campaign Management tool draws all campaign channels and responses into a single interface – it is easy to manage, test, execute and optimise marketing programs across multiple channels, including email, web, mobile, events and social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Skype).

  Big Data Analytics engine for processing a large-scale data, e.g. social media responses, link tracking or geo-location.

Platform Features

  Unified B2B2C platform for brands and wholesalers that distribute products and services through third parties.

  Social CRM solution aggregates social data into a single database.

  Loyalty Management solution enables organizations to create loyalty campaigns without input from IT staff.

  Online Franchise Portal helps franchisors and master franchisees to manage, communicate, train, inform and support their franchisees more effectively.

  Dashboards track and measure campaign engagement, cost, and activity summaries.

  Integrates seamlessly with third party enterprise systems - from customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), to content management systems and data warehouses.

  Multiple language user interface - English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

Reporting and Analytics

  Reports track channel performance, conversion assists, time-to-completion.

  ROI tracked via multiple sources such as organic and paid search, referrals, social media, email marketing, direct traffic, and other campaigns.

Delivered from the cloud or deployed on premise, iClarity is a comprehensive, consistent marketing solution for every channel.

  Built for B2B2C: iClarity Marketing Automation Platform is specifically designed to meet the complex needs of B2B2C organisations.

  360 degree customer view: A unified solution for servicing leads, customers, marketing, loyalty, social media monitoring and CRM, iClarity breaks down data siloes to enable powerful analytics.

  Single, streamlined solution: Delivered from the cloud, iClarity is the only B2B2C marketing automation platform to integrate social, loyalty, franchising and campaign management tools.

  Closer relationships: Brands and retailers using iClarity can collaborate more closely, to co-create a consistently superior customer experience.

  Cost effective: Compared with traditional on premise solutions, iClarity cuts marketing automation platform budgets by 60-80%.

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