Loyalty Portal

Building a group of loyal customers and retaining the most valuable ones is a key priority for most companies.

With good reason. Loyalty scheme members are four times more likely to be repeat customers than non-loyalty members – they make more visits to retailers, make more purchases and promote the brand.

Building this loyalty requires a long-term strategy and, until now, access to advanced IT solutions required to understand customers’ individual needs, maintain an active dialogue with them, and reward them for certain general and commercial activities.

The iClarity Loyalty Portal enables retail, telecom and financial sector organisations to improve customer management and reduce churn through well designed loyalty programs. Crucially, it allows them to create and manage these programs using the latest CRM, campaign and loyalty management technologies – but without the need for input from IT staff.

Key Features

  Allows easy online and in-store enrolment for new members.

  Gives customers the ability to check their balances online, on mobile, and in-store.

  Gives customers ability to redeem their points via gift cards, cash, or their accounts.

  B2B2C, B2B and B2C models supported.

  Scalable SaaS and MaaS platform.

  Supports multiple marketing campaigns and loyalty management programs designed and created by different organizations.

  iClarity accrual/redemption engine manages the rewards of a loyalty program, including point allocation and membership qualification (e.g. Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze).

  Web-based front end for clients and loyalty members.

  Mobile App for loyalty members - no need for plastic cards.

  Website white labeling for partners/stores - ability to customize the front end to match intermediary branding and web design.

  Advanced reward types - configure options including vouchers, percentage off, fixed amount discount, product redemption, quantity or volume rewards, limits, points or monetary units.

  Email/SMS/chat/social media notifications - send out advertising campaigns and reminder messages, for instance notifying customers that they have accumulated enough points for redemption by various channels.

Key Benefits

  Unified Loyalty Platform for brands, intermediaries, leads and customers.

  Increased profit.

  Instant and relevant offers improve customer responses.

  Customer loyalty reduces churn.

  Optimised marketing campaigns deliver better ROI.

  Marketing teams equipped with a 360 degrees customer view and all the tools they need to deliver complex marketing activities.

  Offers can be based on Customer Geo-location.