Social CRM

iClarity Social CRM offers an extension to the existing CRM techniques, which makes it easier to gather and respond to customer feedback in real time.It incorporates social channels within the traditional CRM environment, adding innovative social media features that enable a deeper understanding of customer satisfaction in a socially connected world.

Monitoring social comment and communicating through social media is increasingly important to CRM and can provide valuable information how services and products can be improved.

Key Features

  Integration with PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Weibo, Google Analytics, Google AdWords.

  Landing page generator and editor.

  Users can publish posts to Facebook, Twitter links to microsites.

  Real-time dashboards and analytics for individual social campaigns.

  Segmentation and scoring uses a combination of contact profile information and buying behaviour, including campaign responses.

  Paid campaigns monitoring e.g. through Google AdWords and Facebook.

  Social media monitoring, events and campaign responses trigger CRM alerts for the sales, marketing, or customer service.

Key Benefits

  List development and segmentation based on demographics, lead scores, and online behavior, including click, purchases and payment history.

  Workflow tools manage appointments, create to-do lists, and trigger follow-up after task completion.

  Data management through import wizards with CSV file.

  In addition to prospect score and grade, users can view all prospect activity, including email opens, form views, AdWords and clicks, visits, and site searches.