Ground-breaking Technology

The iClarity .NET Framework is the foundation for HSS’ innovative technology solutions. It incorporates pre-developed .NET components for common business processes, which can be quickly customised and integrated with tailored solutions, significantly shortening development time and lowering costs.

Highly scalable, iClarity is optimised to ensure fast, reliable and cost-efficient delivery of B2B, B2C and B2B2C banking, retail and government solutions.

The architecture consists of distinct logical and physical layers separating the user interface, business rules, processing engine and database. As a result the solution can be customised independently and integrated with internal components and external systems.

A powerful code generation tool ensures rapid development whilst enabling the generated architecture and data structure to be customised to any domain.

Built on proven technology, it follows Microsoft's recommended patterns and practices.

The service layer is designed for easy and scalable integration using a Service Oriented Architecture. This ensures that HSS solutions can be tailored to suit specific business, design and operational requirements.

The iClarity Framework consists of six major customisable elements:

1. iClarity Web Layer

  Brandable and customisable web user interface that is available to end customers, intermediaries, call centre and back-office users;

  Integrated Content Management Component for rapid real-time Web site content changes;

  Incorporates Live Chat and integration with social media;

2. iClarity Gateway

  Gateway to external (sourcing) systems to submit data electronically. Various data formats are accepted as they can be adapted to the predefined interface of the system;

  Gateway to other channels of communication for inbound and outbound communication such as mobile, SMS, chat and emails.

3. iClarity Processing Engine

  Communicates with the input channels and the services through predefined interfaces;

  Has its own set of core services that provide application lifecycle functionality, system maintenance and the administration of process related data;

  Task and Case Management components orchestrate the allocation of human activities and completion of individually assigned tasks through the system. They deliver a comprehensive case centric solution, allowing staff, partners and intermediaries to track the progress of applications and service live cases and policies;

  Services components facilitate communication with external service providers and/or provide access to iClarity services, such as Calculation Engine, Communication, Reporting, Background Processing, Decision Services and other.

4. iClarity Document Management System

iClarity DMS Provides the complete functionality to generate and dispatch brandable and customisable documents.

Document types are based on templates which can be easily modified by the users. iClarity DMS has been designed to facilitate the design, any time modification and production of FSA compliant Key Facts Illustration documents.

5. iClarity System Logging and Monitoring Component

iClarity provides tools to ease the monitoring and the technical maintenance of the system.

6. iClarity Database Access layer

The Data Access Layer is used by other program modules to access and manipulate data within the data store without having to deal with the complexities inherent in this access.