Campaign Management

iClarity Campaign Management is for brands and wholesalers that distribute and manage their products and services through intermediaries and retailers. It unifies the efforts of brands and their distribution partners within a user-friendly and flexible online marketing portal, to ensure that all campaign channels and responses can be integrated, controlled and understood via one platform.

iClarity Campaign Management gives marketers the ability to create automated, customer-focused campaigns based on customer segmentation and buying behaviour, then deliver them via the customers’ preferred communication channels. Accordingly, marketing programs can be managed, tested, executed and optimised across multiple platforms - including email, SMS, web, mobile, events and social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Skype, Google AdWords).

Key Features

  Customer data, transactions and general events can be used to create targeted lists, each associated with specific campaigns.

  Campaign ROI tracked via multiple sources such as organic and paid search, referrals, social media, email marketing, direct traffic, and other campaigns.

  The iClarity Platform measures and analyses campaign success using key performance indicators.

  Website visitor tracking.

  Geo-location for campaigns and loyalty offers.

  Big Data technology and analytics are used to store, handle and analyse campaign data.

  Dashboards and performance reporting including email responses, landing pages, trackable links, Facebook campaigns, Google AdWords, Google Analytics.

  SaaS, MaaS, B2B2C, B2B and B2C deployment models supported.

  Responsive design ensures the platform supports multiple devices.

Key Benefits

  Streamlines and simplifies operations for B2B2C marketing centers dealing with complex customer lifecycles, multiple digital marketing channels, and an unprecedented volume of prospect, customer, transactions, events, analytics and social media data.

  Integrates traditional marketing campaigns, loyalty offers, campaign responses, internet analytics and social media data within a single platform.

  Real time reporting and analytics enable responsive campaign management and instant optimisation.

  Cost-effective and highly-targeted automated marketing campaigns reduce marketing spend and increase profit.

  Accurate segmentation and analysis identify precisely where the supply-chain is